Coins for Kids

Hi. My name is Jacob and I am almost 7 years old. I like baseball & basketball, fishing, drawing, playing video games, building things, and helping to take care of my Great Grandma who is 100 years old. Before Christmas I ran a coin drive called “Coins for Kids” to raise money to help children in third world countries go to the doctor.  I wanted to do this because one day my mom told me that, unlike me, not every child in the world can go to the doctor when they are sick. She told me about people in the United States who don’t have money for medical bills, and she told me about people living in some third world countries who don’t have money to go to the doctor. Many of these children are sick for a long time or even die. That is not fair.

I wanted to help. I decided to do chores for people I know and all the money I earned I donated to my coin drive. I collected $53.79 during November and December. I donated the money to Free The Children because my Aunt Audrey told me that this website is about kids helping kids around the world. Since making this donation I started a webpage with Free The Children and I have asked my friends to make donations to my coin drive. This is my webpage:

One day I want to visit a third world country and build a doctor’s office so that the kids have a place to get medicine and they won’t have to die.