Curative and Preventative Health Care at Baraka

Seventy-six-year-old Arap is a hard-working farmer from Enelerai, Kenya. With 30 children, he does his best to keep the whole family healthy, happy and prosperous.
Unfortunately, for several years now, Arap has been suffering from hypertension, or very high blood pressure. If untreated, this condition can be life-threatening and benefits greatly from early detection and regular medication. Until recently, Arap was seeking medical attention from various health facilities, all quite far from his home. Because of this distance, Arap faced a lot of inevitable communication challenges, making it hard to keep track of and treat his condition.

Since the Baraka Health Clinic opened near his home, Arap has not missed any medication or treatment. His condition has improved greatly and he and his family are more than happy with the excellent service provided by Baraka staff.
About three years ago, one of Arap’s sons suffered a serious burn on his leg. He was kept at home and given nothing but herbal medication. After about a month, his leg got worse and he was taken by the family to a hospital far from the home. Sadly, because he was not able to reach a hospital earlier, his leg did not respond to medication and had to be amputated. Arap wishes Free The Children’s Baraka Health Clinichad beenthere at the time for his son. If the clinic had beenopen, his leg would have been examined in time and he would not have had to have it amputated.
Now that Arap’s family has a health clinic close to their home, no matter what happens, they are receiving quality curative and preventative health care, on time.