Education Brings Opportunity to Kono

With his parents, grandmother, four sisters and three brothers, 13-year-old Martin Kamanda lives in the rural Kono District of Sierra Leone where most people speak the local Kris language. Because of Free The Children’s work in his community and school, however, his English is getting better every day. Because of Free The Children, Martin and his siblings are able to attend school every day, in clean, safe and bright classrooms that are fully furnished and outfitted with the resources they need to graduate at the end of their Primary school education.

When he’s not keeping busy volunteering at school, dancing at school events or caring for the school garden, Martin studies hard. With the help of Free The Children, when Martin gets older he hopes to help his quite large family with finances and his community with health.

“I want to help the sick and the suffering, and also to help my family financially.”

He also has special hopes for other children his age: “I hope more students will come to our school and learn what we experience here.”

Because of all that Free The Children has done for him and the community, his dream is within reach. Martin will do his best to one day become a doctor. It will be a big responsibility, but Martin isn’t discouraged: Free The Children “inspires us to help others,” he says.


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