Measuring Impact

A WE Day moment can be tough to measure—Archbishop Desmond Tutu reflecting on apartheid in South Africa, songstress Demi Lovato’s passionate plea to end bullying. So Free The Children enlisted the help of Mission Measurement, leading experts in impact measurement and value assessments for social change, to assess the impact of the event on the thousands of young participants.  

Mission Measurement conducted an independent study. A series of surveys found that WE Day and its year-long programming make lasting impacts in the lives of its participants.

Free The Children alumni cast more ballots in federal elections than their peers, volunteer an average of over 150 hours per year and cite an improved sense of self-esteem, confidence in their leadership abilities and a greater sense of personal responsibility for global change.

The impact on youth after WE Day and its year-long educational programming, We Act, is tangible.

What we’ve learned through witnessing the impact of six years of WE Days, is that Free The Children isn’t just a charity. And WE Day isn’t just an event.

Free The Children’s educational programming and WE Day, its signature event, alter youth’s core value systems and fill social voids. We educate, engage and empower the next generation of world-changers—with measureable results.

WE Day and Free The Children create world changers.

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