Growth at Kisaruni All Girls Secondary School

Growth at KisaruniWith every year that passes, Kisaruni Girls Secondary School grows to make room for a new cohort of students. Construction of a new dormitory is already in full swing for the coming school year in 2013, in anticipation of the 50 new girls who will be joining the school!

New students mean new teachers and classrooms. Two teachers’ accommodations and classrooms are under construction, all of which are expected to be ready for use by the start of the next school year, in January 2013.

All this growth has only served to heighten the excitement for learning and creating a caring school environment at Kisaruni. The first two cohorts of students are aware of the legacy they will be leaving behind for newer generations of students, and are making the most of their experience at school.

Along with setting stellar academic standards, the girls are busy turning Kisaruni into an extracurricular hub with long-term benefits for the community. The environmental club keeps the school garden flourishing, and diligently cares for the trees and shrubs planted on the school grounds. As Kenya recovers from the worst drought in 60 years, Kisaruni’s girls are also taking the lead in educating their peers about environmental conservation. It is exciting to watch them spread this message passionately and enthusiastically!

The health club has continued to maintain high standards of hygiene in the school. Club members are serious about their commitment to cleanliness, and are making every effort to ensure that students are regularly washing their hands with soap and water. In addition, the health club also oversees the entire school’s deworming program. Every three months, all Kisaruni students are dewormed, thus keeping them healthy and fit for participation in the school’s activities.

The students of Kisaruni Girls Secondary School are a true example of the remarkable capabilities of female leaders. Every single one of them is a trailblazer, working hard to show her community that women can be leaders, and great ones at that. Their deep commitment to, and passion for, education is paving the way for a new generation of leaders in the Maasai Mara. Free The Children is very proud of the Kisaruni girls!