Max and Sam: Making Change

Written by Becky Conlon, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Free The Children

Max (8) and Samantha Kastner (6) are not just siblings; they’ve also taken on the role as “partners in change”! This socially conscious pair decided to take action and support Free The Children’s We Create Change campaign. “It makes me feel happy. I want to help other people around the world. Hopefully other kids want to do it too. It is cool that I am only 6 and I am helping people,” says Samantha.

They informed their friends, family members, champion educators, businesses (including their great friends at the local pharmacy), and the King City Girl Guide troop about their goal. “We decided we were going to raise enough money to give 4 people clean water for life. People helped so much we made that much money in 2 weeks,” said Max. The entire community has mobilized around them; the local newspaper has even shared their story in the news. With their new goal of raising 37,500 pennies (enough to fill 15 bags), Max and Samantha are continuing to spread the news about the importance of clean water.

What’s next for this pair? Samantha’s 7th birthday is coming up and she has asked her Mom to give out Water Rafiki Friend chains at the party instead of the classic loot bag. As a rafiki chain wearer himself, Max supports his sister’s choice!

“Some people think it is a decoration. I wear it to remember there are other people in the world that are not like us. It is important we know that we are lucky. Some kids don’t even have water to drink or beds to sleep on. That isn’t fair.”

Join us as We Create Change and bring clean water to 100,000 people. Order your penny bag at