Nathan’s Pennies

My name is Nathan and I’m 9 and I go to Senator Gibson School in Beamsville, Ontario. I was one of a few kids selected to attend WE Day in Toronto last month with my school and it was the best time of my life!

When I went to WE Day, I was really inspired to make a change in the world by Spencer West. Spencer inspired me to fundraise with his story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro even though he has no legs. I came home from WE Day with a We Create Change Penny Bag and wanted to get started right away. I went door to door with my dad, used Facebook and emailed everyone asking for pennies to help make change around the world. I also asked all of my family and friends that came over, people I knew in the grocery store, and people I knew at school for pennies.

I made a penny jar for my dads work for people to put their pennies in. Some people gave me little jars and bags of pennies and others just a few but it all added up! In just one weekend I collected enough coins to fill up my first bag of pennies. Because it was so easy I ordered two more bags and continued collecting. Now I have almost 8,000 pennies for clean water!

My goal is to fill four bags by Christmas and another four by the end of the school year. That’s 20,000 pennies and I’m almost half way there already! I can’t believe that just by collecting $25 in pennies, I can provide clean water for one person for the rest of their life! And, by meeting my goal of eight bags of pennies I will be giving two families clean water for life!

It’s so fun to collect change and create a change. I hope some of you will see how easy and fun this is and create change too. Every penny helps.

Join us as We Create Change and bring clean water to 100,000 people. Order your penny bag at