Owen’s Change

Written by Katelyn Forgione

WE Day 2012 changed the lives of the students at Seneca College King Campus and we left the Air Canada Centre ready to make a difference. Our group decided we were going to start with the We Scare Hunger and We Create Change campaigns with goals in mind of 300lbs of food and $100 in pennies. I posted this all on our Facebook page and within minutes people were commenting and getting ready to bring in their pennies. I then emailed one of the families that I babysit for, the Cauleys, as I know their commitment to giving back and advocacy.

The Cauley family adopted Owen when he was just an infant and Owen has grown into a very active and knowledgeable young man. He is in Senior Kindergarten, 5 years old and wanted to help give back, as he is well aware that he has more than others and has the ability to share what he has.

Owen arrived at Seneca College King Campus on the 16th of October with $32.00 in pennies that he and his family had rolled, but after that I was beyond amazed. Owen went home and asked his mom about the whole campaign. I sent the family some literature about what was happening and Owen then made himself a poster that he was going to be taking to his school, childcare centre, and father’s work. Owen started inquiring about the amount of pennies that he could raise, “I want to give fresh water to 2 people, how many pennies is that? What would that look like?” Owen took one of his allowance jars, which reads charity on it, and brought it to school with his poster. He made his pitch to his friends and teachers. His mom emailed me and told me that I would be amazed.

On Monday October 29th our committee started our campaign at school and never thought that we would be able to accomplish what we did. We tried to only get pennies but people wanted to give more and were asking questions to find out more information. On our second day Owen came to the school with his parents and came running through the main doors. He had brought a case of macaroni and cheese for We Scare Hunger as well as his poster that he made. He explained his poster to me and one of our committee members; his father then walked in with a box and Owen was smiling from ear to ear. He opened the box and there were three glass jars filled with pennies along with a bagful; I was at a loss for words. Owen reached his goal; he raised $64.00 in pennies. We finished our first campaign on October 31st and as of right now we have $275 in pennies! We will continue with our penny collection and Owen is continuing as well. Owen has changed the outlook of so many of my fellow students. A 5 year old can make a change!

Join us as We Create Change and bring clean water to 100,000 people. Order your penny bag at www.freethechildren.com/wecreatechange