What is Adopt a Village?

In eight countries, Free The Children works alongside the men, women and children who every day strive to free themselves from poverty, exploitation, disease and thirst. This effort is not charity, it is sustainability. It is freedom in action. It is Free The Children’s Adopt a Village development model.

Free The Children employs staff and teams in all eight Adopt a Village countries who help implement the five pillars of our model. These teams work side-by-side with community members, long-term, overseeing quality and integrity and creating holistic and sustainable solutions for education, health, clean water, agriculture and food security and alternative income and livelihood development.

Adopt a Village is designed to empower communities to break the cycle of poverty and support themselves over the long term. By identifying and creating initiatives that address the needs of the community in a holistic way, sustainability is a focus from the outset of project planning. Sustainability plans are incorporated into all development plans and are informed by the needs and assets assessments performed at the beginning of each new community partnership.

All elements of the Adopt a Village model are designed to be owned and maintained by the community, and self-sustained within five years after project implementation is completed.


Learn more about our Adopt a Village model here.