Baraka: Two Years Old and Stronger Than Ever

The Baraka Health Clinic has just passed its two-year anniversary! In the past two years, the clinic has served over 15,000 patients, providing them with preventative, curative and rehabilitative health services.

One of Baraka’s smallest patients is just two years old. Little Abigael was just over a year old when a Free The Children social worker visited her home and found she was malnourished and unable to crawl. Abigael’s mother Joyce is a widow, and had been struggling to support herself and her daughter since her husband’s sudden passing. Baraka Health Clinic provided medication and nutritional supplements to Abigael, and trained Joyce on how to best care for and feed her daughter. Today, Abigael is a healthy, happy two-year-old, who is not only able to walk, but has learned to talk too.

And Abigael is just one of the thousands of people who have benefitted from the Baraka Health Clinic. Thanks to your ongoing support, we look forward to changing the lives of many others in the coming months!

The Baraka Health Clinic is also having a significant impact on the incidence of common diseases in the region. Over the past few months, Free The Children has conducted health programs in Free The Children schools and communities, covering topics such as hand-washing, safe water use and proper cooking of animal products. As a result, in recent months, Baraka has seen a decrease in respiratory diseases, typhoid fever and brucellosis.

Free The Children also conducted health assessments in community schools, checking the cleanliness of latrines, hand-washing stations, classrooms and kitchens. We also checked on the progress of school health clubs and de-wormed students and teachers. One challenge we encountered: some students were absent on the day the health program came to their schools, and were not de-wormed. In response, Free The Children is talking to parents about the importance of their children attending school – both so they can empower themselves and their families through getting a good education, and to prevent them missing important events such as de-worming.

Free The Children is also making sure hand-washing stations at schools are properly equipped with soap. We are also continuing to support school health clubs in their initiatives, such as keeping their schools clean and educating their fellow students on hygiene.

Baraka Health Clinic has made a major impact in the surrounding communities over the past two years with its programs and services. We can’t wait to see the positive changes that continue to occur for community members!


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