Bayview Hill Creates Change

Bayview Hill Elementary School in York Region just wrapped up an exciting We Create Change campaign, raising a whopping $2039.05!

Bayview Hill’s campaign started after Molly Clafton, a grade 7 student, attended WE Day in September and was inspired by Free The Children’s Water Initiative, and its goal to provide one hundred thousand people with access to clean water. Molly used her passion and commitment to lead Ms. Miller’s Grade 7 class of 29 students in a massive penny drive. To reach out to the school’s large student body of 850 students, the organizers put up posters, advertised in school newsletters, and sent student presenters to spread the word in different classes.

Ms. Miller’s class alone was able to fill 10 bags, while the whole school more than doubled their goal by collecting $2039.05 in pennies, enough to provide 82 people overseas with access to clean water for life! Kudos to Molly, Ms. Miller, and Bayview Hill for running an amazing We Create Change campaign!


Join us as We Create Change and bring clean water to 100,000 people. Order your penny bag at