Burrows Hall Inspired to Make Change after WE Day

Written by Andrea Sandhu, TDSB Educational Programming Coordinator, Free The Children

After attending WE Day for the very first time this year, the students at Burrows Hall quickly returned to school eager to start up a ME to WE club. With plans to take on every single Free The Children campaign this year they quickly got started, kicking off the year with a very successful We Scare Hunger food drive – donating more than 600 items of food to support their local community!!

By November, their penny collection was already in full swing supporting the We Create Change campaign. Grade 6 members from the club became leaders and taught their younger schoolmates about “living ME to WE”; sharing mini-lessons about water shortage, conservation, and the lack of clean water in communities abroad. To support their cause, they came up with many creative ways to fill their penny bags, including selling their very own handmade bracelets and hosting a We Create Change Cupcake Swap – 50 pennies for a cupcake!

To date, Burrows Hall students have been busy with a water walk to raise awareness about the importance of clean water and have been honouring their “Difference Maker of the Week” to congratulate their stellar “change-makers”!

Not only has the whole school jumped on board, but students have mobilized and inspired their entire community to be a part of the cause as well. Everywhere you turn there are passionate people spreading the love of making a difference!

We hope to celebrate their huge accomplishments by sharing their story. It is a tiny school but as they say, “Burrows Hall is the small school that does big things!”