Take a Tip From Taylor

As soon as Taylor Haw, 10, took his penny bag home from WE Day Toronto, he went right to work. Taylor, having been inspired by thousands of other young people coming together to make a difference, knew that he was going to use his power as a world-changer to address the issue of lack of access to clean water.

Taylor is no stranger to creating change and is involved in a number of Free The Children and anti-bullying initiatives at school. He also attended Take Action Camp last summer and is determined to fundraise enough to go back this summer to learn more about being a social justice leader. Throughout the year, Taylor designs and creates holiday gifts to bring to church and nursing home bazaars and sells them in order to fundraise for both Take Action Camp and Free The Children’s Water Initiative. Whenever an opportunity presents itself for Taylor to raise awareness around the issues he cares most about, he’s there with cool crafts and a homemade well to collect all those pennies!

Taylor says that “including a ‘Pennies for Change’ well in my fundraising initiatives creates conversations about global issues like clean water. I get excited whenever someone drops change into the well. With every clink of a penny I think about saving someone’s life from dehydration or disease. Reaching the goal of $25 in pennies makes me feel like a young world-changer.  I look forward to the day I can walk into RBC with my bag of pennies.”

If you’re looking for ways to create change, take a tip from Taylor and see if you can include your penny well (or bag!) at the next big event in your community. We think you’ll find that people are more than willing to part with their pennies to create change!