Celebrating Education in Waer

We are so excited to share with you the news that we’ve just completed building a three storey school in the community of Waer, which includes a library and teacher offices!

The government has assigned nine teachers for the school of 300 students, who will teach Grades 1-6, and the community members have pitched in to hire a kindergarten teacher, a true sign of their commitment to education. Previously, the school was only able to accommodate Grades 1-3, and the students in Grades 4-6 had to travel to another community to go to school. With the new school building, these students are now able to go to school in their own community!

The entire community was involved in the building of the school. In fact, the land that the new school is built on was donated by community members. The village is located in a mountainous area, and so there wasn’t a large piece of land flat enough for the school to be built on. So, the community members decided to donate their farmland! They also helped with the construction and the transportation of construction materials.

It has been wonderful to experience the enthusiasm of the community, and the parents have all been very excited to send their children to the new school.


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