John Fisher P.S. Creates Change

Written by Alexandra Sorin.

Before the Winter Holidays, the grade five students at John Fisher Public School teamed up with their grade one reading buddies to launch a school-wide water awareness initiative. Our goal was to remind one another of the importance of water.

The students were shocked to learn that over a billion people around the world, (even in our own city) didn’t have access to potable water or proper sanitation. The students decided that they wanted to help make a difference.

For two weeks, students and parents dug deep into their pockets, emptied their piggy banks and asked their neighbours to contribute as many pennies as possible towards Free The Children’s We Create Change campaign. If 2,500 pennies provide clean water for one person for their entire life, imagine what an entire school would be able to accomplish!

Every day the students in Miss Sorin’s class collected the pennies, counted them, charted each class’ progress and encouraged students to keep looking for more. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, a total of 130,150 pennies were collected and dropped off by the students at their local RBC branch, enough to provide 52 people with clean water for life!

Together we CAN make a difference and “create a change”.


Join us as We Create Change and bring clean water to 100,000 people. Order your penny bag at