Free The Children’s First School in Asemkow

We’re so excited that Free The Children is now working in Ghana, our newest Adopt a Village country! We will be focusing our work in the Ahanta West District, along the ocean coast.

In the country of Ghana, the national literacy rate is only 67%, and in rural villages, the literacy rate can be considerably lower, especially among women and girls. Due to the large fishing industry in Ghana, most children are required to help their parents fish during the day. On average, in rural fishing villages, children who do attend school only attend three days a week.

Free The Children’s goals in Ghana are to create and ensure a sustainable future for rural children by removing obstacles and providing access to a quality education, alleviating poverty and contributing to rural community development, and bringing all the pillars of Adopt a Village—our holistic and sustainable development model—to Ghana.

Asemkow is one of the first communities in which we will be implementing our Adopt a Village model. The community has a population of 900 people, and most community members earn their income through fishing and farming.

We are really excited to be working in the community and have begun rehabilitating two kindergarten classrooms by putting on a  roof and painting inside and out, with plans to fix the structural cracks. One of these classrooms will now be used for Grade 1, and we are also excited to announce that we have begun work on a new school classroom, having laid the foundation and concrete floor.

In addition to working closely with our Asemkow community members, we’re also partnering with the Ahanta West District office of Government Education Services (GES). The Director of Education has been very supportive, and the GES has supplied a really dedicated teacher, as well as desks and chairs for the new classroom.

We’re looking forward to implementing all five pillars of Adopt a Village in this community and have started conversations with the community members about the community’s current water situation and what can be done to ensure they are accessing clean drinking water.

Meanwhile, we are also happy to report that our office space in Ghana is up and running and we have hired our first Ghanaian team member whose background includes construction work, sourcing building materials and managing labour.

It’s been an exciting whirlwind of activity in Asemkow these last few months, and we are excited for all the progress that has been happening!


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