Neil Campbell School Takes Action

Written by Jayne Halayda, grade 5 teacher, Neil Campbell School.

A group of grade 6 students at Neil Campbell School attended WE Day Manitoba in 2011 and returned to the school bursting with the need to take action!

They called a meeting and led a passionate discussion about helping children in need. We were amazed to see the extent to which the speakers at the event were able to get through to our students. The students proceeded to do research on various countries and helped create lessons centering on the basic needs of children that are not being met. The students created a readers’ theatre and brought the issue to the whole school!

We have been raising money to build a well since last year and have almost reached this goal! Our school has participated in many Free the Children campaigns—including We Scare Hunger, We Create Change and We are Love—and also continues to support Winnipeg Harvest and the United Way. The sense of community has become even stronger at our school as we work together toward these common goals!