A New School Year in Sikirar

While the North American school calendar begins in the fall and ends in the spring, students in Kenya spend January celebrating the start of a new year of fun and learning. As our returning students geared up for another term, we also noticed a few fresh faces at Sikirar Primary in Sikirar, Kenya. Student enrolment is currently the highest in Sikirar’s history! The influx of new students has brought a lot of energy to Sikirar Primary.

But of course, it’s all about quality, not quantity, in Sikirar—and we are proud to report that last year’s grades were among the highest in Sikirar history. The performance of students in Grade 1-3 has increased 26-52% since 2010—a stunning success.

To make sure that our students continue to overcome the barriers to education and achieve their fullest potential, Free The Children is constantly looking at new ways to work with community members to make life in Sikirar more sustainable. Because we believe that providing education and breaking the cycle of poverty doesn’t just mean building schools—it means empowering the families and communities that support our students.

That’s why we’re continuing to facilitate alternative income programs that help the families of Sikirar support their children through school. It’s why we don’t just provide maize and beans for school nutrition programs, but also teach students and parents how to plan nutritious meals and follow healthy habits at home. It’s why our water projects are maintained by the community, who fund and manage repairs and refurbishments on their own.

We are committed to the belief that, as the African proverb says, it takes a village to raise a child. With all of Sikirar standing behind its students, we look forward to seeing this community not only raising a generation of empowered children, but raising all of its families out of poverty and into a sustainable future.


To learn more about our work in Kenya, visit www.freethechildren.com/kenya