Clean Water Update in Totoras


Last summer, the community of La Pampa-Totoras in Ecuador and Free The Children began construction for a high level irrigation and drinking water system. We are happy to report that the new water system is now complete and fully functional!

A clean water system is always a source of celebration in a community that previously only had access to contaminated water. This new source in particular will cause significant improvements in the health of the community members by preventing the spread of water-borne illnesses. The community is now looking forward to maintaining higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene than were previously possible.

As mentioned in the previous report, the new water system is intended not only as a clean water source for students, but also as an important educational tool. Students are ecstatic to learn how to operate and maintain an industrial-scale irrigation system and, thus, improve crop production. The water system’s main pipe is 3km in length, supported at intervals with new collection tanks, which provide water to the fields for the irrigation system.

The community is also excited about having restarted their existing trout hatchery, which had remained shut and unused for a while. This new water system is providing the infrastructure and a continuous supply of water for production to be renewed. Students have already bred 500 young trout in the hatchery!

But that’s not all. Access to an abundance of clean water has also created the opportunity to construct brand new bathrooms. The community recently broke ground on these with dedicated mingas. So far, the foundation for the bathrooms has been laid, and work continues on building the structures.

All in all, it has been an eventful month for the community of La Pampa-Totoras, and Free The Children is excited to see all the new opportunities that these major successes will bring.


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