Team Change


What do you do when you want to join a Free The Children group in your school but you would be the ONLY boy? Well in Tyler’s case you start your own group!

The very first gathering was with 10 of Tyler’s hockey buddies. They started off their official meeting by having a good old game of big road hockey. After the game, Tyler showed the boys some of the Free the Children videos and talked about the need that existed in the world to free children from exploitation and poverty.

Tyler and his 10 10-year-old hockey friends began their first Free the Children initiative a few months ago (hmmm 10 10-year-olds…sounds familiar). Tyler gave each of the boys their very own duo-tang with all the information they needed on the We Create Change Campaign and a penny bag to start them off. Through various fundraising projects such as massive email blasts to family and friends, collecting pennies at the local grocery store, iced tea stands and more, this group has been able to raise close to $725 dollars for Free The Children’s water initiative. We Create Change, made possible by RBC, is one of Canada’s largest penny drives. Tyler and his group’s hard work and determination will provide 27 people with clean water for life and is helping us to reach our goal of providing clean water to 100,000 people in our Adopt a Village communities around the world!

Tyler and the group are not only inspiring us and other classmates to make a difference, but his own brother Collin had a really nice experience serving Easter dinner at the Ottawa Mission for the homeless, will be attending our Take Action Camp and is looking for other ways to get involved in the community.

On top of fundraising for Free the Children, Tyler, Collin and the other members of the group have been working on putting together a care package of gently used clothing and toys for the Marco Despestre Foundation. This charity was started by a family friend, and has been doing work in Haiti. All these items are being donated to the orphans and destitute children in Haiti.

The work these young men have been doing has been truly inspirational and heart warming. There’s a lot in store for Tyler, Collin and their friends!


Join us as We Create Change and bring clean water to 100,000 people. Order your penny bag at