Students Smile for Oral Hygiene in Gulahuayco!

Students show off their clean teeth!The students living in Gulahuayco have really ‘brushed’ up on oral hygiene!

For many of the students living in Gulahuayco, oral hygiene is completely new – some of them have never owned a toothbrush or some toothpaste before. School staff and volunteers decided to change this; they collected funds to purchase toothbrushes and paste so there woud be enough for every student.

Teacher handing out toothbrushes and pasteStudents of all ages came to the oral hygiene workshop all smiles! They realized how much they relied on their pearly whites when they (adorably) tried to smile, talk, and eat without using them. Staff taught them how to brush properly using a giant model of a mouth, and after some practice they were all dental dynamos! Finally the cavities came; the students learned about what foods and drinks cause plaque buildup, and how to avoid costly cavities.

Darwin learning about his teeth

To finish up the workshop, the staff left the students with a challenge. Each boy and girl received a one-month calendar with two empty spots in each day. When they brushed their teeth, they’d fill in one spot with a happy face; this way they can track how often they’re brushing!

At the end of the day, the students were thrilled to not only have their own toothbrushes and calendars, but to have the knowledge needed to improve their own health. These smiling students are chomping at the bit to start brushing!




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