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The Sweetest School: Clarkson Chargers Bake for Change

The Clarkson Chargers of Clarkson Secondary might be a tiny school, but they are definitely mighty when it comes to making a difference (or should we say baking a difference?!)....

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Celebrating Haiti Five Years Later

Five years ago today, Haitians in and around the capital city of Port-au-Prince were devastated by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that killed over 230,000 people and left hundreds of thousands more injured or internally displaced....

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Luke’s Lights Brighten Days

Recently, our Haiti team held a special workshop in the community of Marialapa, and gave out dozens of new solar lights as part of our partnership with Unite To Light. ...

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Goats Help Marialapa Thrive

Last year, when the school in Marialapa first opened, it was given a single dairy goat as a gift. Goats are amazing animals; they can survive in difficult conditions, aren't picky eaters, and can produce 16 cups of milk a day, ...

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