Our Partners and Supporters

Our partners aren’t just financial supporters. They’re hands-on champions of Free The Children—our mentors, advisors, cheerleaders and friends.

Our partnerships take many forms—from providing funds and sponsorship, to contributions in-kind and donated services, to program delivery and support. It is together with corporations and donors, schools and education partners, program and media partners that our programs come to life.

Our partnerships allow for diversified and stable sources of funding which ensure dynamic programming at no cost to students, educators and guests.

To learn more about sponsoring a Free The Children program, contact us at:


We have different types of partnerships, which include:


Corporate partners, sponsors, major donors:

  • Help keep We Day, our campaigns and domestic programming free for educators and youth
  • Fund Adopt a Village, and fundraise through engaging their employees
  • Support logistics, in-kind and volunteer engagement to ensure efficiencies and keep administrative cost low 
  • Expand our reach in engaging more people and carry programming to new markets
  • Carry out research, development  and invest in new areas of programming 

Media partners:

  • Help carry news about Free The Children and social issues to communities across Canada
  • Provide us with a variety of opportunities that range from editorial content to pro bono ad space

Educational and program partners:

  • Serve as vehicles to support program delivery, and endorse access to educators and schools
  • Contribute expertise to our program design
  • Provide us with access to content, talent and resources that enrich the content of We Day events


Free The Children is thankful to all our supporters for their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to helping ensure young people around the world have the support, resources and inspiration they need to become lifelong world-changers!

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