Employee Engagement

Hundreds of BlackBerry employees gather together to kick off We Day Waterloo

Showcase the issues and causes your company cares about.

With Free The Children’s domestic programming partnership and engagement options, you can:

  1. Increase employee engagement and improve retention.
  2. Enhance brand recognition and reputation.
  3. Make positive impacts—both locally and globally.
  4. Become a leader in corporate social responsibility and citizenship.

The opportunities are as limitless as your creativity. Whether you wish to hold fundraising events or awareness-raising campaigns with your office, participate in a family workshop or partake in We Day, our team is here to facilitate a partnership. We will work with you to customize our programming and products, and tailor them to your budget.

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities:
Phone: 416.925.5894
E-mail: development@freethechildren.com

We Day

Engage youth leaders and associate your brand with a world-renowned children’s charity.

We Day is an educational and inspirational event that engages youth to take action around a cause that they feel passionately about. We Day provides corporate partners with an opportunity to take a leading role in youth empowerment.

We Day

  • Connect and promote your brand with passionate and engaged audiences.
  • Use We Day as a platform to achieve key corporate social responsibility objectives by linking advertisements to social causes.
  • Leverage this platform by demonstrating your company is a company that cares.
  • Rally employees around a unifying cause.
  • Encourage employees to participate in unique volunteer opportunities at We Day events across Canada.
  • Gain brand exposure through We Day’s extensive social networks and broadcasts.
  • Associate your brand with an impressive roster of world-renowned celebrities, activists and global business leaders.

Family Workshops

Engage employees and their loved ones with socially conscious-themed family workshops.

Led by expert facilitators, our unique family-oriented workshops will engage your employees and their loved ones.

Family Workshop

The workshop includes:

  • An inspirational opening for all participants led by Craig or Marc Kielburger.
  • “The 10 Principles of Empowering Youth” session for parents led by Craig or Marc Kielburger. Parents learn how to help their child to become a creative, compassionate and responsible young leader.
  • “Today’s Youth, Today’s Leaders” session for children led by Me to We Leadership Facilitators. Children build compassion, teamwork skills and leadership ability.
  • Family Action Plan session for all participants led by Craig or Marc Kielburger. The group comes together to create a plan to reach out to the larger community.


Sponsor a campaign and encourage your team to support your fundraising goals.

Free The Children hosts a wide range of campaigns, each of which can be customized to align with your company’s values and objectives. Get your staff involved in these campaign efforts to support corporate fundraising goals and foster team-building. Participate as a company, as a department or as an individual. Opportunities to sponsor a campaign are also available. Contact us for more information.


  • Water Initiative: Help bring clean water to the world.
  • We Create Change: Compete in a Change War to determine which department or group can “make” the most “change.”
  • We are Silent: Go silent for 24 hours in solidarity with the children who’ve lost their voice to poverty and exploitation.
  • We are Love: Spread the love and sell Valentine’s-themed buttons at the office and in the neighbourhood.
  • We Scare Hunger: Help defeat hunger in our communities.
  • We Stand Together: Raise awareness about Aboriginal education in Canada.
  • Year of Education: Show your belief that every child has the right to education.

Youth Empowerment

Sponsor a youth program and take a leading role in motivating the next generation.

Free The Children’s youth empowerment programming helps form the attitudes and priorities of young people, motivating and empowering them to take positive action. Participants gain practical communication and leadership skills, as well as knowledge of local and international issues.

Youth Empowerment

  • Become a leader in the field of youth empowerment.
  • Enhance your profile and brand recognition within your region.
  • Give the young people in the lives of your employees an opportunity to join a community of change-makers.