Our Domestic Programming Model

Youth participants

Through our domestic programs, Free The Children aims to fill a social need. After almost two decades of working with young people, we have identified key stages in the development of a young person as they become an active global citizen. By providing young people with guidance and resources, our model contributes to pro-social behaviour and positive community involvement.

1. Educate

Our inspiring, one-of-a-kind educational experiences are presented to youth in ways that are relevant and dynamic, and include real world learning opportunities. Students are more effective advocates and are motivated to care and contribute.

Research show that our programs have a lasting impact.

In a 2012 third-party impact survey prepared by Mission Measurement, LLC, educators agreed that our service learning program enhances their students’ experience in the classroom.



“90%”,”agree that their students are now more confident in their ability to set goals and see them through to completion.”,”97%”,”report that their students now believe they can make a difference in the world.”

“88%”,”said that they developed relationships with students that they would not have otherwise.”,”86%”,”report there is a greater atmosphere of caring and compassion in their school.”


2. Engage

Our plethora of resources and materials help propel youth from learning to action. Youth are given tangible avenues to take action, gain tangible skills and build personal confidence as they continue their journey with Free The Children.

Research show that our programs have a lasting impact.

In a 2012 third-party impact survey prepared by Mission Measurement, LLC, educators agreed that We Day engages students and teachers to take action.



“98%”,”said We Day inspired their students to take action immediately.”

“75%”,”said We Day educated their students on important issues.”

“71%”,”said We Day provided them with renewed inspiration for teaching.”


3. Empower

After gaining in-depth knowledge about issues and engaging in year-long social action through our experiential learning opportunities, young people become the ambassadors for change. They gain confidence in their abilities, harness their power of “we” and form a support network that is equipped to lead meaningful change.

Research show that our programs have a lasting impact.

In a 2011 third-party survey prepared by Mission Measurement, LLC, alumni of our programs reported that Free The Children had a long-term impact on their development.


“90%”,”strengthened their belief that they are responsible for addressing social justice issues.”,”75%”,”developed greater confidence in their skills and abilities.”

“68%”,”gained a clearer sense of what they wanted to do with their life.”,”94%”,”developed skills which they have since used to support social justice causes.”


Youth and Educational Programming Coordinators

Your partners in changing the world.

Youth and Educational Programming Coordinators (YPC or EPC) are your point of contact at Free The Children and are best equipped to answer any questions about our projects, campaigns or programs. They are full time employees of Free The Children who have prior experience mentoring youth in social justice issues and leadership.  YPCs assist young people looking to get involved with Free The Children, while EPCs assist educators and school groups.

Your YPC or EPC can help you:

  • Get involved in Free The Children’s programs
  • Answer any questions about campaigns
  • Accept donations, and connect you with your Adopt a Village community
  • Answer any questions about We Day
  • Connect you with other departments of Free The Children and Me to We

Feel free to call and/or email. Our team loves to hear from you! Regular updates from you will allow them to support you in the way you require.

Email youth@freethechildren.com or call 1.416.925.5894 to be connected with a Youth or Educational Programming Coordinator.