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Inspire a generation to care about social issues and provide the practical tools to turn that inspiration into action! As a parent, educator, community leader or young person, you can start a Free The Children Group and enhance your school’s existing social initiatives or spark new ones.

Through a commitment to local and global action, schools and communities are transformed by positive changes in youth behavior, heightened student engagement and the belief that it’s cool to care. By starting a Free The Children group, you will receive access to free resources, youth networks via social media, video resources, lesson plans and activities for social issues education, action kits to help students engage in local and global action, and a Youth or Educational Programming Coordinator who will provide personal support for your year of action!

According to a Mission Measurement study in 2012, Free The Children’s programming has a lasting impact:



“96%”,”of students now see themselves as part of a broader community.”,”90%”,”of students have demonstrated increased leadership among their peers.”
“84%”,”of educators feel a renewed sense of purpose as an educator.”,”97%”,”of students now believe they can make a difference in the world.”


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Free The Children is honoured to have been awarded the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. Free The Children is proud to have been named a Top Employer for Young People for the second year in a row.
Free The Children has been recognized as meeting all the legal and charitable standards of the BBB.
Featured in Money Sense’s Charity 100, Free The Children received an A+ in overall charitable and fundraising efficiency.