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Free The Children gladly accepts donations from all over the world. Please select your preferred currency below.

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Every dollar you give means change. It means creating a stronger connection with young people around the world. Through reliable monthly donations, it means empowering communities in a sustainable way so they can give their children the opportunity to thrive. But it does more than that. It also allows you to impact social change every month of the year.

Commit to supporting life-changing programs on a monthly basis. at an amount that works for you. With donations made automatically, our monthly giving program is the most convenient and effective way to support our development work. Create change that lasts.

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Adopt a Village Monthly Giving Program

You can choose to donate to a specific country or pillar of our Adopt a Village development model. Our team works closely with the team on the ground to ensure that donations are matched appropriately to a community.

Free The Children implements the Adopt a Village program in eight rural and marginalized areas in the following countries: Kenya, Rural China, India, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Ghana. Adopt a Village is composed of five pillars crucial to lifting communities from poverty:

a) Education: Through our education programs, help build schools, libraries and teacher accommodations; support teacher training; furnish classrooms; and provide students with uniforms and basic school supplies.

b) Clean Water and Sanitation: Help to provide communities with clean water sources, build latrines in schools and improve awareness and practices around basic sanitation.

c) Health: By donating to the health pillar you will support projects that include basic medical supplies for health clinics, health care and awareness workshops and sports equipment to promote physical fitness.

d) Alternative Income and Livelihood: Foster economic self-sufficiency for a woman by providing her with milking/breeding animals, vocational training, micro-credit programs, honey production skills and supplies, beading training, or financial literacy workshops.

e) Agriculture and Food Security: Support a farmer’s ongoing needs through a monthly donation that helps improve seed quality, soil fertility, and farmers’ tool kits.  Build capacity for farmers and support community gardens to ensure long-term sustainability.

 As a monthly donor, you receive…

  1. Community Updates: We will send you regular updates from communities with important information about our progress.
  2. Tax Receipts: Donations of $10 and above will be sent an annual tax receipt.
  3. Personal Fulfillment: Your donation is not a handout. By supporting either Free The Children’s domestic or international programs you are empowering young people around the world to develop their fullest potential as agents of change. Through your generous monthly contribution, you are creating lasting social change.

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Become a Monthly Donor ($CAD)  Become a Monthly Donor ($USD)