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Adopt a Village*

Education is the first step to helping children break free from the cycle of poverty. But hope for a better future comes with holistic solutions. That’s why we empower their mothers, improve their schools, outfit their health clinics and build clean water facilities, with an understanding that everyone and everything, in some way, is joined together.

$50$50The Goat that Gives Back $25$25Ten Trees for a Schoolyard $30$30School Kit for a Child $50$50Health Kits for Two Children $150$150Small Business Loan for a Woman $500$500Furniture and Textbooks for a School $500$500Healthy Lunch Program $1000$1000Teacher Training $5000$5000Well for a Community $10000$10000Build a School** $10000$10000Four Year Secondary School Scholarship for a Girl

Local Youth Programming*

Today’s young people are the generation of shameless idealists our world has been waiting for. That’s where the inspiration starts—right here at home. With your support, our programs help to awaken the spirit of leadership in young people and teach life-lasting skills. By raising funds and awareness for overseas development, young people are on the forefront of social change; a generation of passionate global citizens with an unstoppable drive to create stronger communities at home and abroad.

$50$50Campaign Kits and Classroom Resources $1000$1000Speaking Tour for Change

* The monetary amounts shown represent the average costs of Free The Children projects in the communities in which we work. In cases where donations exceed what is needed or local conditions prevent program implementation, Free The Children will redirect funds to similar activities to help people in need. If additional funding is required because of specific project requirements or challenging local conditions, Free The Children may provide additional funding to complete the project to meet our commitment to our beneficiaries.

** Provides for one classroom at a school – construction design varies depending on country – may consist of one-room schoolhouses, school-room or multi-classroom blocks


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