Payroll Deductions

Individuals, colleagues and entire workplaces can create meaningful, lasting change as a team. An employee payroll deduction plan is an easy and seamless way to promote giving within the workplace.

Step 1 – Set up an internal account that all of the payroll deductions can be allocated to. This would be handled by the payroll department or human resources.

Step 2 – Participating company must get Free The Children to fill out a form for taxable donations through revenue Canada (for more information please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website). This form will list the charitable number and status in Canada.

Step 3 – Once all forms are submitted and approved in respect to revenue Canada and Canadian taxation laws, the company will need to determine when they will be submitting payment to said charity; monthly, quarterly, annually. Also the method of payment must be determined (ex. cheque, wire transfer) to best suit your needs.

Step 4 – Information package should be distributed to all employees outlining the options for donations.

Step 5 – When each payment is submitted to Free The Children a list of the donating employees, amount contributed and home address of employees must be submitted to the charity so accurate tax receipts can be issued.

Step 6 – Free The Children will set up an account to receive the funds from the participating corporation at which point Free The Children will allocate to the program, and a reporting structure will be set and submitted to the company on an annual basis.

To learn more about payroll deductions, please contact us by e-mailing Thank you for creating lasting change with your workplace.