Personal Fundraising

Welcome to a World of Change! Unite with your friends and family as you work towards a common goal of creating lasting change. Through our personal fundraising pages, you can set up an engaging page for yourself or your group to track your fundraising progress, engage your community and share your events with our network.

Start creating change today with a personal fundraising page which reflects the issue that you care passionately about.

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Creating change together builds lasting relationships with your network. By creating a personal fundraising page and having an impact through our Adopt a Village programming, you will form meaningful bonds with your family, friends, community and colleagues.

Your fundraising page is a convenient hub where you can tell the story of your project. Share the story that inspired you to begin fundraising, and add captivating photographs to illustrate your story. Call your community and network to join you in your fundraising efforts. And finally, track your progress and watch as you reach your goal.

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Support Free The Children’s International Programming!

Adopt a Village

You can choose to donate to a specific country or pillar of our Adopt a Village development model. Our team works closely with the team on the ground to ensure that donations are matched appropriately to a community.

Free The Children implements the Adopt a Village program in eight rural and marginalized areas in the following countries: KenyaRural China, IndiaSierra LeoneEcuadorHaitiNicaragua and Ghana. Adopt a Village is composed of five pillars crucial to lifting communities from poverty:

a) Education: Through our education programs, help build schools, libraries and teacher accommodations; support teacher training; furnish classrooms; and provide students with uniforms and basic school supplies.

b) Clean Water and Sanitation: Help to provide communities with clean water sources, build latrines in schools and improve awareness and practices around basic sanitation.

c) Health: By donating to the health pillar you will support projects that include basic medical supplies for health clinics, health care and awareness workshops and sports equipment to promote physical fitness.

d) Alternative Income and Livelihood: Foster economic self-sufficiency for a woman by providing her with milking/breeding animals, vocational training, micro-credit programs, honey production skills and supplies, beading training, or financial literacy workshops.

e) Agriculture and Food Security: Support a farmer’s ongoing needs through a monthly donation that helps improve seed quality, soil fertility, and farmers’ tool kits.  Build capacity for farmers and support community gardens to ensure long-term sustainability.

Fundraising Tips and Tricks

1. Make a list of family and friends who will help you, and contribute to your fundraiser.

2. Create a fundraising page that shares the story of your inspiration and why you decided to break the cycle of poverty. Use photographs to illustrate your story, and speak from the heart.

3. Set a fundraising goal. As a place to start in setting your goal, here are some of the average costs for our projects:

Average Price * Project
$25 Can buy a school kit for a child or plant ten trees in a school
$50 Can provide a health kit for two children or buy a goat for a family
$100 Can grant a loan for a woman to start a small business or provide clean water for a family
$500 Can provide a six month lunch program for a school or provide furniture and textbooks for a school
$1000 Can provide teacher training programs in communities
$5000 Can build a community well
$10000 Can build a school or a school room **


4. Use social media to spread the word.

  • Facebook – Share your personal fundraising page on Facebook each day to reach your online community of friends.
  • Twitter – Tweet interesting facts, stories and videos related to the issue you are fundraising for. You can find more information about the impacts of our international programming here.

5. Form a team or group. The best way to create ripples of change is by involving as many people in your fundraising campaign as possible. Reach out to friends, family or coworkers and take on the task collectively.

6. Thank everyone who contributed to your goal. Celebrate together the fact that you have created a lasting impact for young people.


* The monetary amounts shown represent the average costs of Free The Children projects in the communities in which we work. In cases where donations exceed what is needed or local conditions prevent program implementation, Free The Children will redirect funds to similar activities to help people in need. If additional funding is required because of specific project requirements or challenging local conditions, Free The Children may provide additional funding to complete the project to meet our commitment to our beneficiaries.

** Provides for one classroom at a school – construction design varies depending on country – may consist of one-room schoolhouses, school-room or multi-classroom blocks.