Special Occasions

Commemorate a special occasion in a meaningful way by creating a lasting impact on the lives of children around the world. Donate to Free The Children’s programs and gift catalogue to celebrate a special day of yours or that of a loved one.

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Across the globe, there are millions of children who don’t know when they were born and never have the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. These kids are denied their basic human rights because they were never registered at birth. They’re known by development professionals as “invisible” because their governments don’t have any official record of their existence.

If you are planning on celebrating your birthday this year, consider donating a certain amount from your birthday budget to an Adopt a Village pillar. Let your birthday be cause for celebration for a child in need.


Engagement Donation

Many diamonds in the world come from conflict regions of the world, earning them the negative name of conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. Consider donating the money you would spend on an engagement ring to Free The Children’s programs in Sierra Leone, a country that suffered through 11 years of civil war over control of diamonds. In lieu of adding fodder to devastating conflicts, you can commemorate your engagement by improving the lives of those who have been deeply affected by the diamond trade.

Wedding Donation

Let the love you share on your wedding day extend to communities in need. Encourage your guests to celebrate your marriage by turning your gifts into a donation to one of our Free The Children projects. Joy, selflessness and gratitude will always be bound to your celebration and the people who shared in it.

Wedding Keepsakes or Bombonière

Consider making a donation to Free The Children in lieu of wedding keepsakes and bombonieres for your guests. We’ll create a card for you that you can place at each table to share the message of your generosity and the impact it will make with each of your guests.

Graduation and Prom

Commemorate this great milestone in your loved one’s life with a donation to Free The Children’s education programming. Millions of children around the  world are illiterate.  Help provide access to education to a child in a developing community, to mark your significant accomplishment in a meaningful way.

Bat and Bar Mitzvah

Celebrate your loved one’s coming of age ceremony by making a donation to Free The Children.


Surprise your sweetheart with a gift from the heart. Share your happiness with a mama who is working hard to provide for her family. Donate to Free The Children’s alternative income and livelihood pillar, or any of the five essential pillars of Adopt a Village that speak to your heart.

Baby shower or new births

Give the gift of life to another newborn to commemorate this happy occasion. Donate to Free The Children’s health pillar to ease the delivery of another mama and her new infant in a developing community.

Mother’s day gift

Make a difference on mother’s day with our selection of gifts for mom.

To learn more about special occasion donations, please contact us by e-mailing donate@freethechildren.com.