Adopt a Village

Why Adopt a Village

Success for us is when someone never needs charity again. You can make that happen when you Adopt a Village.

There is no single solution to end poverty. But a holistic approach that provides access to five key pillars – education, clean water and sanitation, food security, healthcare, and alternative income – empowers a community with the means to forever lift itself from poverty.

Why these five pillars? Because together they can achieve a greater impact. A school with food and clean water programs ensures that girls can attend, preventing them from walking long distances to fetch dirty water from rivers. A medical clinic with alternative income programs ensure that the community can afford treatment, and the healthcare becomes sustainable for years in the future.

All five pillars of the Adopt a Village model are owned and maintained by the community, and designed to be self-sustained after the initial project implementation.

Susan’s Story

Meet Susan, a young girl who will never need charity again.

Growing up in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya, she faced enormous obstacles to be free from poverty. Going to school improved her life, but she needed to be healthy to attend, and nutritiously fed to be alert. She also needed a nearby water source, and her family needed an income, so she didn’t have to miss school to fetch water or earn a living.

Access to all of these—an education, clean water and sanitation, good health, nutritious food and an alternative income for her family—not just one, helped set Susan free.

Thanks to an Adopt a Village donor like you, Susan’s community established the five pillars so that she and her friends could thrive. She graduated from elementary school with top marks, and today she attends Kisaruni All-Girls Secondary School. Her mother, Monica, joined the alternative income group in her community, and today she is a successful entrepreneur providing for her family.

We need your support. Because there are many more children like Susan who deserve to never need charity again.

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Where we work

What are the five pillars?


  • School building
  • Leadership programming
  • Teacher training and
  • Health and environment
  • Educational resources
    like books, science labs,
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  • Hand pump systems
  • Boreholes and wells
  • Water catchment systems
  • Piping clean water into a
    school or community
  • Water and sanitation
  • Hand-washing stations
    and latrines for schools
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  • Health clinics
  • Mobile health clinics
  • Provision of basic
    medical supplies
  • Training for health care
  • Health education and
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  • Vocational training
  • Business and financial
    literacy workshops
  • Leadership and skills
  • Women’s and Men’s
    lending circles and
    support groups
  • Animal husbandry
    (milking/breeding animals)
  • Honey production,
    Artisans projects
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  • Agriculture training
  • Crop diversification,
    introduction of
    drought-resistant seeds
  • Irrigation and watershed
  • Emergency food aid
    during times of drought
    and crisis
  • School Nutrition Programs
  • School gardens, school
    farms and medicinal
  • Tree planting to address
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How YOU can make a difference


Donate a specific gift right now to support girls like Susan and help them never need charity again.



Support one of the five pillars, such as building a school or water project for a village. Use our tracking tools to keep engagement high and the goal in sight.




Adopt an entire village. Bring your school, family, company or group together to fundraise for all five pillars, and help transform an entire village.


Provides furniture and textbooks for a school

Furniture, textbooks, school supplies and other necessities require extra funding. This donation equips a school for use by hundreds of students.

Free The Children gladly accepts donations from all over the world. Please select one of the options below.

Plant ten trees in a school

Planting trees stops erosion of land, provides shade, reduces our environmental footprint and contributes to healthy ecosystems.

Free The Children gladly accepts donations from all over the world. Please select one of the options below.

Buys a goat for a family

Providing a family with an animal offers a source of livelihood. Animals are bred and used for meat, milk and trade. With even one or two animals, a family can greatly improve their living standards.

Free The Children gladly accepts donations from all over the world. Please select one of the options below.

Provides clean water for a family

Access to clean drinking water makes it safe for consumption, thus reducing waterborne disease and improving overall family health.

Free The Children gladly accepts donations from all over the world. Please select one of the options below.