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We Are Rafikis

We Are Rafikis

Be a friend to developing communities around the world with the We are Rafikis campaign

The Swahili word for friend is rafiki. Sell beaded Impact Rafiki Friend Chains to fundraise for Free The Children and help families overseas lift themselves out of poverty—forever!

Every Rafiki you sell raises funds for Free The Children’s sustainable Adopt a Village development model and makes a lasting impact by giving a child or family a life-changing gift, from school supplies, to clean water, to medical care. Choose the Impact Rafiki that supports the cause closest to your heart.

Each colourful Rafiki Friend Chain is handmade by a mama who works for Me to We, Free The Children’s partner social enterprise. You can help a mama earn money from her beading so she can provide for her family’s future and show the world how her skills and her voice matter.

Check back soon to find out how you can get involved!

What does it mean to be a Rafiki?

Being a Rafiki means knowing where the things you buy come from and how they are made. It means finding products that are sustainably made and environmentally friendly. It means supporting companies who care and doing your best to make a difference in all that you do.

Because friends don’t let friends miss out on a chance to change the world.

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