Employee Engagement

Group of employees celebrate the change they are creatingThe people you work with and the people you work for want to a build a relationship with a company they trust; one that empowers their children, nurtures their community and shares their burgeoning identity as global citizens. If you demonstrate to your employees and stakeholders that you are committed to their passions, they’ll show you their commitment to you.

There are a number of ways you can empower your employees to participate in reaching your goals of being a caring company:

Free The Children staff talk to a group of employees about active citizenshipLUNCH & LEARN:

Invite a speaker or host a facilitated film screening. Provide lunch and power your staff with some “food for thought” about global issues.


Set a corporate fundraising goal and encourage employees to contribute with a day of pay. Offer a vacation day as a reward for donating to Free The Children and provide tax receipts.


Big change through small portions; provide employees with the opportunity to take a little off each paycheque and make giving a part of your company’s culture.


Encourage your employees to fundraise for Free The Children projects through incentive programs. Motivate employees by matching their efforts. Encourage them to work towards an office fundraising goal as a team.

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Impacts and Benefits

It’s simple. By joining Free The Children, you show your employees that your company shares their personal values and goals. In return, they will show their commitment to you.

When employees are highly engaged in social action, their companies:

  • Enjoy 26% higher employee productivity.
  • Have lower turnover risk and are more likely to attract top talent.
  • Have earned 13% greater total returns to shareholders over the last five years.

A recent survey conducted with employees of Free The Children partner BlackBerry found that, as a result of BlackBerry’s participation in our programming and events:


“96%”;”feel inspired to take action following the events.”;”97%”;”believe BlackBerry is a good corporate citizen.”

“99%”;”would recommend future BlackBerry Free The Children events to their colleagues.”;”99%”;”would be interested in more opportunities to be involved with the BlackBerryand Free The Children partnership.”



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