We Family

We Family
Caring spans all generations.

Families aren’t just the people who take care of each other. As parents and grandparents, you are also the greatest mentors and teachers in your children’s life, either by the questions you ask, the answers you give or the way you model by example. But you have a bigger family than you may realize. A global one. And they, too, may be some of greatest teachers for your family.

When families come together to support their communities and those overseas, the possibilities are endless.

Family Fundraising

Our Adopt a Village program and campaigns offer a unique venue—and many helpful resources—for your family to fundraise for whatever issue you’re passionate about: from local hunger and Aboriginal education to ensuring we all have access to clean water.

Get Your Child’s School Involved

Support your child as he introduces his passion to his classmates and educators. By involving your child’s school in elements of your family action plan and Free The Children’s campaigns and resources you’ll be widening the conversation and focus on global citizenship and allowing other young people to explore their own interests.

Our lesson plans, campaign kit and online resources make it easy for educators to combine their curricula with current events and global issues.

People volunteering at We DayVolunteer

Giving doesn’t just happen through financial donations. The commitment of one’s time, energy and gifts is just as meaningful – to a local organization and your family. Use our education resources to learn more about the varying issues facing our communities and our world. Then, go out and do something about it—together!


Get Your Community Involved

Engage the whole community in a social cause. Host a fundraising event or set up an information night about a particular issue. More awareness = more change!