Family Fundraising

Caring spans all generations

Young people are never too young to learn about the issues affecting their local and global communities. Once their eyes are opened to the suffering of others many feel an extraordinary sense of empathy and are eager to know how they can help. Do you know what your child cares about? By simply asking questions about current events in the car-ride home from school or over dinner you can start to discover the passions and interests of your children. If they are unsure, why not lay a newspaper out on the kitchen table and talk about the articles together? This might help spark a new interest.

Once you have identified one, or several issues that are of importance, make a family action plan. How do you want to support that issue? How can you engage other family members, friends, neighbours and the greater community? There are many avenues through which to take action!

Adopt a Village together

Fundraise as a family to Adopt a Village. Through your family’s collective actions, you can support community development in areas with a high incidence of child labour, exploitation of children and minimal opportunities for girls. When your family supports Adopt a Village, you provide sustainable support—instead of handouts—for an entire community.

Raise awareness and funds for local and global social justice issues

We have a range of campaigns just waiting for your family to join, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way to make sure that  your’s family’s action plan makes the biggest impact possible.

Check out our campaigns and decide which is best for you and your family.

  • Year of Education – Support Free The Children’s Year of Education to build 200 schools in developing communities around the world. Every $20 donated provides a brick—the cornerstone of a new school that will open doors for hundreds of children and lay the foundation for thriving communities.
  • We Scare Hunger – Help stop hunger before it strikes. Collect canned goods and non-perishable food items for your local food bank.
  • We Create Change – One coin, one brick, one school at a time. Collect coins and help build a school in one of Free The Children’s developing communities.
  • We are Love – Make the world your Valentine. Wear your love on your sleeve by fundraising for Free The Children’s adopt a village communities with We are Love buttons.
  • We Stand Together – It’s time to start the conversation. Between February 24- March 7, help raise awareness about aboriginal issues, and get the conversation started.
  • We are Silent – Take a vow to be silent. On April 17, go silent for those whose voices are not heard, because sometimes speaking out means using no words at all.

Questions? Ready to dive in? Please contact Shellbie Wilson, Donor Relations Manager at or 416.925.5894 ext. 152 and she’ll help you get started.

Host a third-party event

Further your fundraising and awareness raising efforts by hosting a third-party event that will help you reach your fundraising goal. Think outside of the box when planning: why not host a tournament, a birthday event or a concert? The important part is that you plan it together—as a family.

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Commemorate special occasions in a meaningful way

For your family’s next birthday, B’nai Mitzvah, wedding or anniversary celebration, donate to Free The Children’s programs instead of giving or receiving presents. Celebrate a special day of yours or that of a loved one in a way that matters.

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Create a personal fundraising page

With our unique, personal fundraising tool and page you can keep track of all your Free The Children fundraising successes, invite others to support your family’s goals, share information about fundraising events and connect with a network of families who care.

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