Bring a Speaker to your School

Bring a speaker to your school


Inspirational speakers and youth speaking tours

Free The Children works closely with Me to We, its partner organization, to deliver annual youth speaking tours that motivate young people to create change in their communities.

Sponsored tours—with past and present partners like Club Penguin, Investors Group, National Bank Financial Group, PotashCorp, Oprah’s Angel Network,  RBC, TELUS and others—bring a team of two speakers across the continent, visiting schools during the academic year to inspire youth to become agents of positive change.

Through their unique stories, the speakers raise awareness on why community engagement needs to start with our generation. This engaging team inspires all audiences with incredible ways to get involved and create their ideal world through active global citizenship.

Our speaking tours are effective for youth for the following reasons:

  • The use of deliberate and powerful storytelling decreases student apathy
  • Sharing stories of involved youth increases rates of student volunteerism
  • Trainings teach youth how to plan actions using their passions and gifts

Book a Speaker

We have a variety of speaking options available for your school. However, please note that due to high demand we typically book our speakers at least 2-3 months in advance. If requesting a speaker is not financially or geographically feasible, please connect with your Educational Programming Coordinator about our virtual speaking options.

  • Outreach Speakers
    • Outreach speakers deliver tailored presentations consisting of their personal story, Free The Children’s history and our Adopt a Village model. Outreach speakers are the best option if you are fundraising for Adopt a Village and would like to increase students’ awareness about your club’s goal, and springboard your school’s involvement with Free The Children.
    • These team members are trained, professional speakers with incredible passion and experience with Free The Children programming. They can speak to most ages and can customize their speeches to your specific needs.
    • Presentations are about 30 to 40 minutes in length with an optional Q&A session at the end. While we suggest an audience of Grades 3 and above, we leave this to your discretion. This opportunity is offered at no cost to your school. However, there may be an honorarium associated with the speech if you are located more than one hour from our head office in Toronto.
    • For more information about Outreach Speech opportunities available in your region, please fill out our Outreach Speech Information Request Form
  • Tour Speakers
    • Due to the generous support of select sponsors, Free The Children is able to offer speaking tours that are completely free of cost to schools. They include a one-hour keynote address for your entire student body as well as a two to three-hour workshop for up to 25 students.
    • Tour speakers are different from outreach speakers because they focus on a specific theme, i.e. environment, education etc., whereas outreach speakers provide an overview of Free The Children projects that is often customizable.
    • If you would like to book a tour speaker please contact or call 1.416.925.5894.


  • Bureau Speakers
    • The Me to We Speakers Bureau is comprised of some of Me to We’s best and most high profile speakers like Marc and Craig Kielburger, and Spencer West.
    • There is a more significant fee associated with each speaker on the Me to We Speakers Bureau. We ask that clients also cover travel/accommodation costs for the speaker and an additional support person.
    • The content of these speeches is speaker-specific and can be customized. If you would like to book a Me to We Bureau Speaker, plese click here, or speak to a Me to We representative by phone at 1.416.964.8942.



    “WOW. Wow. That’s the only word I can use to describe the presentation. It was something out of the ordinary. It wasn’t just because the presenters were good public speakers, but because I could sense how strongly they felt about what they were talking about. INCREDIBLE and something I won’t soon forget. It is so awesome that people are conscious of what is going on in the world and WANT to change it. The speaking tour was awesome.”

    -Ed Olson, Educator, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver, BC