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Free The Children Campaigns Kit

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Free The Children Campaigns Kit

Free The Children has prepared a Campaigns Kit to help you plan your year and make engaging with Free The Children as fun, seamless and easy as possible—we know how busy you are! All campaign resources are included in a seven-booklet kit, as well as available for download online.

Each kit contains how-to guides, tips and tricks we have picked up through our work and involvement with young people, ways to create and raise awareness about the issues addressed, a sample lesson plan, a spotlighted school that shares their story—and more!

What’s in each kit?

Educator’s Guide

This set of step-by-step guides will help you easily navigate through the school year, making your involvement with Free The Children as fun, seamless and easy as possible! Learn how to start a club in your school, work effectively with the media and run successful fundraisers. There are also tips on engaging your students to take initiative and interest in running campaigns themselves. The kit also includes the resources to help you get started on an ABC Education Rafiki Friend Chain fundraiser, helping us to equip a child overseas for school for one year.

Download Educator’s Guide

We Scare Hunger

This kit contains everything you need to help your students become hunger heroes. A how-to guide outlines every step of the campaign, and elementary and secondary lesson plans and quizzes will help your students engage with hunger issues. There are also additional facts and resources for students to learn more. One included poster will help students advertise their campaign, while an impacts poster lists eye-opening facts about hunger to help spread awareness. There are also notice cards for students to hand out in their schools or along their trick-or-treat routes, letting people know they will be collecting non-perishable food items for their local food bank.

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We Create Change

One coin, one brick, one school at a time. Host a coin drive in your classroom or within your school to make some serious change in Free The Children’s Adopt a Village communities. From the moment that you start your fundraiser to the moment you drop off your coins, this guide will help you be successful. This booklet includes posters for you to display in your school, social media tips and tools to help you spread awareness of your campaigns and tips on working with local media. You’ll even find tips to help your students learn financial literacy.

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We Stand Together

Take a stand on Aboriginal issues. It’s time to start the conversation in your school or community about the challenges faced by Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples, but also their successes and their rich history and culture. The campaign includes daily facts that will help you get started, and this kit will help you further your students’ learning experience. With a step-by-step guide, help your students learn how to write an article for their local newspaper to help spread the word of their campaign to the community. You can also download grade-specific lesson plans, backgrounders and interactive activity guides.


We are Silent

Sometimes speaking out means using no words at all. This kit will not only help your students be successful in their We are Silent campaign, but also help them spread the word to others. Download lesson plans to help your students understand the issues they are taking a stand for, from bullying to child labour. There are also posters to help promote your campaign, explain to others what it’s all about and help them understand the impacts of your actions.

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