Impact Lives

Car wash fundraiser for Adopt a Village

The best way to ensure long-term change is to educate yourself about a social issue and talk to your friends and family about it. Then, together you can work towards effective solutions.

Join the network of young people committed to creating long-term, sustainable change.

Adopt a Village

With five supporting pillars crucial to lifting communities from poverty, Adopt a Village is Free The Children’s holistic, sustainable development model. Learn more about Free The Children’s work, and how your fundraising supports sustainable development overseas.

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We have a range of campaigns just waiting for you to join, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way to make sure that your benefit concert, your bake sale, your outreach, your passion makes the biggest impact possible.

Check out each campaign and decide which ones are best for you. Then sign up online and download all the resources and materials available. You will find kits with step-by-step guides and posters to track your fundraising.

Whether you’re passionate about building a school in Ecuador, providing clean water to families in India, or helping women in Kenya start a business, this is the place to begin. We provide the framework and support to unlock what you already have to give to the movement for social change: your creativity, intellect and passion.

1. Year of Education

Support Free The Children’s Year of Education to build 200 schools in developing communities around the world. Every $20 donated provides a brick—the cornerstone of a new school that will open doors for hundreds of children and lay the foundation for thriving communities.

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2. Redefine Possible

One man’s journey to climb Kilimanjaro on his hands. Find out how Spencer West did it.

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3. We are Love

Free The Children’s We are Love campaign brings sustainable community development to developing countries around the world. This February, pin your love on your sleeve!  Our Valentine’s Day buttons and cards are the perfect way to show you care while raising money for the Adopt a Village community closest to your heart.

Pin the love.

4. We Create Change

Even pennies, when added together, can have a huge impact. Collect pennies starting this November to support clean water projects in Free The Children communities and make change around the world. Do you have what it takes to create change? Participate in Canada’s largest penny drive to find out.

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5. We Scare Hunger

Our annual Halloween for Hunger campaign is back with an edge—and a new look. Help Free The Children scare hunger away for good by collecting canned goods for your local food bank.

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6. We Stand Together

Formerly, Local Spotlight: Aboriginal Education, Free The Children takes a stand for Aboriginal issues along with Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative.

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7. We are Silent

Child labour took Iqbal Masih’s voice. Together, we are taking it back through our vow of silence. On April 18th, stand in silent solidarity with children around the world whose voices are silenced by poverty and exploitation.

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8. Mini We Day

It’s a social movement for global change and the one assembly your school will never forget. Purpose, compassion and peace. The end to apathy. Host your own Mini We Day and join the global movement to create social change. All of us united for a better world.

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9. The Power of a Girl

Did you know? Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women.

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10. Celebrate for Change

Everyone likes a good party. Throw a good one for a better cause. Celebrate for Change helps you fundraise by organizing a big celebration with a group or for your own birthday.

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11. Brick by Brick

Part of the Adopt a Village education pillar, Brick by Brick helps you raise money to build a new school from the ground up.

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12. Clean Water and Sanitation

Part of the Adopt a Village clean water and sanitation pillar, this campaign helps you support the construction of a clean water project in a rural community.

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13. Health

Support health projects as part of Adopt a Village and help build healthy communities.

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14. Alternative Income and Livelihood

Help give women sustainable livelihood by supporting this Adopt a Village pillar.

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