Since 2008 Free The Children’s Youth Summits have brought young people together for a day of social justice learning and leadership building. This Spring Free the Children is excited to be hosting a number of Youth Summits across Canada and the United States!

These Youth Summits will help us understand the issues, build a plan of action, and realize our potential. Let’s get together to explore the concepts of exploitation, poverty, and the importance of education. Then, take our next steps towards action and develop the leader in you.

Through a series of brand new, interactive workshops and activities, you will be equipped with the understanding of how to create social change in your local and global communities. At the Youth Summit, we will have the chance to connect and share our experiences and interests. We will also have the opportunity to hear inspirational speeches and personal stories from amazing Free The Children and Me to We speakers.

We believe that we are the first generation that can truly end the worst forms of poverty, and embrace we thinking and we acting. And there’s no time to waste: every single day we have the opportunity to make this world a better place. And everyone has a role to play.

Find a Youth Summit near you.