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Build A Village

BlackBerry Build A Village Awards Program

We are now accepting applications for the Build A Village program for 2014.

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Program Overview.

BlackBerry® cares about connecting young people to global experiences and is partnering with Free The Children and Me to We to give students from Canada the opportunity to visit Free The Children communities.

This award honours youth who are interested in learning more about the world and who want to make a positive difference in their community and in communities overseas.

Recipients of this award will travel overseas and:

  • Meet and learn from the local elders and community leaders.
  • Walk with the “mamas” to draw water.
  • Help build a school or clean water project.
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Bring the inspiration they will gain from this experience back to their Community.

Read about the BlackBerry® Build A Village Awards Program in the news.

About youth volunteer trips.

A Me to We trip opens a world of learning, adventure and inspiration. You’ll volunteer alongside local communities, develop friendships to last a lifetime, become immersed in new cultures and see fascinating places. Best of all, each trip supports community development through the work of Free The Children.

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What people are saying.

“The Me To We Trips made our trip to Kenya so easy and enjoyable! From the moment we stepped off the plane and until our return home, everything was taken care of.”

- Steve Farber



1) Who is eligible for this award?

To be eligible for this award, applicants must be a student between ages 14-18 and currently attending a school in Canada.

Students must be available to travel during the summer of 2014 and submit all required application documents (including completed application form, nomination form and personal description).


2) What are the criteria for students being selected?

In addition to the eligibility criteria listed above, students will be selected based on the following criteria: leadership potential, ability to give back to their community, traits of initiative, work ethic, empathy, maturity and a desire to care for/create change in Canada.


3) When can students apply?

Applications for the 2014 scholarship will open in the fall. Check back for details.


4) Does a student have to be nominated in order to apply?

In order for your submission to be considered complete you will need to complete and submit an application and reference form. Your reference could be a teacher, mentor, community/group leader, coach, employer, etc. Be sure to choose someone who knows you and your strengths well. This person cannot be a parent or relative.

Through the online application process you will be asked for your reference’s email address. If you do not provide their contact email you will be required to email your reference asking them to complete the online reference form.


5) How does a student apply?

In order to apply, students must complete and submit the online application form that will be made available in the fall. This form includes contact information and a personal description piece. In addition, students must have an online reference form submitted on their behalf. The application and reference forms can be found online through the application system.


6) Are there costs that are not included in the BlackBerry® Build A Village Award Program?

Certain travel and incidental costs are not covered by this awards program. Each student who receives a scholarship is responsible for covering his/her own costs for certain incidentals including passport, visa, vaccinations, insurance and spending money. Me to We will work with students to help them fundraise for these costs, should they become a barrier to travel.


7) How will students find out if they have won?

Students will be notified by phone or e-mail in the early spring of 2014 if they have been selected for the BlackBerry® Build A Village Awards Program.


8) As a teacher, can I recommend more than one student?

Yes, teachers may provide a reference for as many deserving students as they like. Teachers must complete one reference form per student.


9) Do students get to select their country of travel?

Students may indicate their country of choice from the selection of countries available on the application form. While we will try our best to accommodate all requests, we cannot guarantee that students will travel to their country of preference.


10) Do students get to select their dates of travel?

The BlackBerry® Build A Village Awards Program trips will take place in the spring or summer of 2014. Students may indicate their preferred date of travel on the application form. While we will try our best to accommodate all requests, we cannot guarantee that students will travel when and where they have requested.

  • Kenya – Departure: July 31 2014 – Return: August 21 2014
  • India – Departure: July 31 2014 – Return: August 21 2014

*These dates may vary slightly (between one and four days) based on airline availability.


11) Our school funded the building of a school with Free The Children. Will the student get to visit this school on the trip?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a student will be able to visit a particular school during their trip since our volunteers are travelling to communities that are most in need of help on a project. The schools and communities that students will be travelling to are similar to the schools and communities that students have supported in their fundraising efforts.


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