Year of Water in Review

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Why the Year of Water?

alternate text Through your fundraising and donations during the Year of Water, you made an impact that resonated across all five pillars of Adopt a Village. Water allows girls to go to school and women to earn a living. It helps families cook and clean their food safely and reduces illness. It lets communities grow the food they need to flourish, even in times of drought and famine. Adopt a Village plants the seeds of change in communities around the world. You gave them water to grow.

How You Got Involved

The Year of Water offered you all sorts of ways to make a splash, but the impact of your fundraisers and donations blew us right out of the water. Here are just a few of the ways you raised money to transform 100,000 lives with permanent access to clean water.
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We Create Change

You took action for the largest penny drive in Canadian history and raised $1.4 million through We Create Change.
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Donations to Water Projects

You gave from the heart and made an impact: hundreds of healthy communities, countless illnesses prevented, thousands of girls attending school.
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Water Rafiki Friend Chain

You showed your support for the Water Initiative with the Water Rafiki Friend Chain and provided 67,000 people with one year of clean water.

Other Campaigns

  • We Walk 4Water: You went the distance for clean water and supported Spencer West on his 300-kilometre water walk from Edmonton to Calgary.
  • Holiday Wishing Well for the World: With your holiday wishes and donations, you made the wish for clean water come true for families around the world.
It’s not too late to help support clean water. Click here to donate now!

Your Impact

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When we started planning a borehole well in Gulahuayco, Ecuador, we sat down with local families to find out what they thought about the project. “My family will be able to live a healthier lifestyle with proper hygiene for the children,” says Antonio Cayambe Naula, a local grandfather. The 66-year-old currently has to walk a half-hour to the nearest water source. The 30 litres he is able to carry home is all the water his family has to drink, prepare food with and wash with that day. Fortunately, with the support of donors, Free The Children was able to repair a pipeline delivering water to his home so that his two grandchildren have all the water they need to stay clean and healthy. He and his wife no longer have to struggle long distances under heavy loads of water. And now, as Free The Children prepares to drill a replenishing groundwater well in Gulahuayco, the whole community is looking forward to the ways clean water access will transform their lives and improve the health of their children.
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One of Our Projects

You could feel the anticipation as the borehole drill gained speed and tunneled down through the last layers of volcanic rock almost 200 metres below the village of Eor Ewuaso. As the whirr of the motor intensified, so did the excitement of the workers. After three days of drilling through dirt, mud and clay, they were on the verge of breaking through to an aquifer and having a continuous supply of clean water for the small Kenyan village. When the drill finally struck through, it marked a new beginning for the 1,000 people living in Eor Ewuaso. While it used to take an hour to fetch and carry home 20 litres of water, the new well produces 5,000 litres of water in the same period of time. Once trenches are dug and pipes are laid, this well will supply water to school kitchens, gardens and hand-washing stations, as well as local farms. “My family will be able to live a healthier lifestyle,” says Mary Chesang, grandmother of a family of six, “with proper hygiene for the children through drinking clean and safe water.”

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