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Meet Craig and Marc Kielburger: Activists, Humanitarians, Social Entrepreneurs

Craig, Marc and the Founding of Free The Children

Discover how Craig and Marc Kielburger started Free The Children, a movement to free young people from the idea that they are too young to bring about positive change.

Me to We: A new way of doing business

Explore how Craig and Marc Kielburger founded Me to We, a ground-breaking social enterprise that gives people better choices for a better world.

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Craig & Marc on CBS' 60 Minutes

A profile on Craig & Marc and their journey with Free The Children and Me to We.


Craig Kielburger Secondary School

Craig attends the opening ceremony of a Milton, Ontario school named in his honour.


Columns and Articles by Craig and Marc

Global Voices

Bhutan’s plan to advance gross national happiness

Lawyers and happiness—an unlikely pairing? Not in Bhutan. In February, the king of Bhutan signed the royal charter for a school of law—the very first in this tiny Asian nation. This law school will be unique. It will experiment with new methods for training lawyers that engage them in the country’s drive for greater prosperity through happiness. Bhutan envisions a legal system that...



Brain Storm

Have your say: How do we get kids moving this summer?

The end of June still brings us a rush of joyful adrenalin – a giddy sense of freedom, even though it’s been well over a decade since Alice Cooper’s iconic School’s Out summer anthem played on repeat in our teenaged heads. Our first task after that last school bell was always a cannonball in the closest open swimming pool (one of those “wet banana” slides would also work), followe...



Behind The Headlines

Behind the Headlines: Rethinking Father’s Day Gifts

Dads are tough to shop for. A practical consumer subset, Dads aren't known to request extravagant gifts, splurging instead on water heater filters and five-packs of white T-shirts. And if Father's Day ads are any indication, there is a small niche for Dad hobbies -- wearing ties, barbequing, golfing -- that somewhat limit gift-giving options. Gift giving under these conditions can lead to impul...



Star Power & Changemaker

Star Power: A Trip to Washington to Meet Kid President

On America's Independence Day, we find ourselves thinking about that time we went to Washington (state) to meet the (Kid) President. He was concerned about an intelligence breach. The president made an official visit to We Day Seattle with his brother-in-law and chief advisor Brad Montague, the guy behind the camera in Kid President's inspirational video series for the media company Soul Pa...



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Craig and Marc visit a Kenyan family.
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We Day behind the scenes with exclusive interviews and candid moments for the first time in print.

It’s a side-splitting collection guaranteed to give pause for both gratitude and laughter. With 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to Free The Children, complaining will never feel this good.

We all want to make a difference. With this uniquely Canadian guide to socially conscious living, activists Craig and Marc Kielburger give you the tools for living Me to We.

Warning: this book will change you. It is more than just a scrapbook of Free The Children's remarkable evolution. It's a testament to living an engaged, active and compassionate life, painting an intimate portrait of passionate, powerful young activists.

Free the Children recounts Craig's remarkable odyssey across South Asia, meeting some of the world's most disadvantaged children and learning the truth behind the headlines.

Global Voices aims to tell the untold stories of people and issues from around the world.

We Day behind the scenes with exclusive interviews and candid moments for the first time in print.

Everything you need to know about raising kids, lending a hand and changing the world – all at the same time!

Me to We is a manual, a manifesto and a movement. It's a philosophy that is both timeless and revolutionary. It's about finding meaning in our lives and our world by reaching out to others–by thinking we instead of me.

After starting Free The Children when he was twelve years old, Craig Kielburger continued his adventure in Brazil. It was on the streets of Salvador, Brazil, that Craig learned the firsthand stories of street children.

Follow a young Marc Kielburger in this true story about discovering the meaning of friendship and the power that one person has to make the difference of a lifetime.


“Listening to Mr. Kielburger speak to us was like being in another world, one where anything is possible. He spoke about how one of the goals of Free The Children was to empower young people and by the end of his speech we certainly felt empowered to get up and make a change. Thank you Mr Kielburger for taking the time to speak to us, our eyes have been greatly opened thanks to you.”

— Participant, Global Issues Service Summit – Johannesburg (March 2012)
“What can I say about Craig...He is truly a phenomenon. I have had the good fortune to hear and interact one on one with many incredible speakers, from current and past US Presidents, to humanitarians, heads of state to inspirational speakers. Craig is truly in that category. I will go one step further and say he is one in billion.”

— Jason B. Khoury, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Scene, Member, YPO
“We could not have been more pleased by Marc Kielburger's presentation to NAIMUN XLVIII. After the presentation, we were told by many teachers that it was the best presentation that they had seen made to students in over two decades of attending similar conferences. Delegates and colleagues also mentioned how they had never seen high school students focused so intently on a speaker.”

— Faculty Member, NAIMUN
“Marc’s message really resonated with our delegates, and was something that delegates could really empathize with. After the presentation, hundreds of delegates came to the stage to learn more…. This is indicative of the level in which Marc Kielburger is able to inspire others to implement positive change.”

— Faculty Member, NAIMUN
“Marc’s charismatic speaking style captured the attention of the audience and left them wanting more. Through his interaction with the audience, allowing them to become part of the presentation, you could see the thoughts and ideas start to form on how they too can make a difference.”

— Stephanie Lostanaw Lavin, International Supervisor, YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo
“THANK YOU! Words are hard to find to describe the effect Marc has had on the EO Canadian Conference. The best speaker by far and certainly the most emotional speech.”

— Jean Famhy
“Craig was phenomenal. Please bring him back for future events. It's great to have such an engaging speaker who really captivated the audience and was a great story teller.”

— 2012 CMA Business of Ideas Forum Delegate
“Thank you also for yesterday - it was a first in my 20 year career in fundraising and I felt very valued and appreciated. Bravo to Investors Group for this wonderful gift (and I am totally captivated by Craig!).”

— Linda A. Lindsay, CFRE, Senior Development Officer, Victoria General Hospital Foundation
“The commitment, the passion, the love that you all project and share is contagious and inspiring. I know that our wonderful students will go on to continue to make a difference in the world with this additional inspiration and spirit. Thank you for your dedication and compassion and for your exceptional skill in making things happen in just the right way.”

— Patricia M Thayer, Cornell University
“Craig was wonderful and so inspiring, genuine, charming, and extremely charismatic. Most impressive is his humble nature. He really connected individually with everyone, despite the fact that he had traveled the globe to get here. Our students were quite touched by Craig and I know they will take up efforts to support his organization. His on-site 'people' were great to work with as well”

— Terry Martinez, Ithaca College
“In the name of all the participants but also very personally I would like to tell you how we were thrilled by your enthusiasm and how much we loved having you with us and our children last Sunday in Paris. You, your organisation and your speeches are mostly important for the future of the humankind.”

— Véronique de Coster, Chapter Administrator, YPO Brussels Chapter
“The event was absolutely awesome!!! Everyone that was in attendance...approx 1,000 people left the event with unbelievable excitement. I was amazed at the impact Craig had on the older clients that were in the audience. My father who is over 70 said that Craig is one of the most impactful people he has ever heard in his life.”

— Herp Lamba, Investors Group
“Craig was a dream guest--attentive to our audience and our sponsors, careful about offering local references and examples, and gracious in receiving the Sweeney Award. Our donors and students were truly inspired.”

— Harry Froklage, Director of Development and Graduate Affairs, St. Jerome's University
“Our teenagers need inspiring role models and passionate leaders like Craig and Marc who make a difference in this world! What they teach us is to live a life with purpose, a life that has perspective and finally a life that is bigger that our own 'ME' world!”

— Kathy Sarafian, Board Member
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